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Apart from working in film as a director, Shane Crosland is the artist known as SHANE.MOV (previously known as Shamus). Originally a jazz/funk drummer and instrumentalist from Colorado, USA, he has been promoting, playing at clubs, festivals, parties, and playing in live bands for nearly 10 years. Currently based in Byron Bay, Australia, he has been able to dive into the bubbling underground electronic scene, and has created a multi-faced production/arts/music label, SONIK-INO, giving artists a voice and remaining close to the idea of inclusion.

SONIK-INO collaborates closely with a number of brands and labels in Australia, as well as far and wide to create content, art, and events that are approachable for all walks of life, including as much rising talent as possible. They are also the
founders of a seasonal event, Kino Grande, which aims to bring all mediums of art to interact with music in one space for a 10-12 hour event.

2022 was a great year for SHANE.MOV, as he has been able to release his house/techno productions in collaboration with Donald Pump (PAF Records) and DJ WITCH, titled “Lullaby For Georges” and “Count Forwards To White”. The tracks have been grouped into the compilation LP, “Lost In Transience
(SOKI001)”, SONIK-INO’s rst release, consisting of eight tracks produced by artists in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales.

SHANE.MOV has shared lineups with names such as Rebuke, Claptone, Laurence Guy, Boombox, James Pepper, Luen, as well as many more, and has played around the globe from USA to Europe and South East Asia to Australia at clubs, festivals, and parties alike. His style is ultimately guided by the idea of space, authenticity, and depth, playfully blending an array of selections in his sets. No stranger to tension and
release, SHANE.MOV remains in a position to fully explore sounds both old and new, across the realms of house and techno with astral, euphoric, world, and soul influences, rooted in the Detroit and UK underground. With that, he is able to create eccentric, emotive, and vibrant dance floors.

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