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There’s a way to describe Sacre’s diverse approach to music combining the thoughtfulness and characteristics of a deep lover of music as a whole, while also committed to unlocking an infinite groove that can transport through elements of house, psych, disco, jazz, bass, ambient, dub, and revealing a story through all kinds of outer-rim ecstatic body music. A curator of all sorts – festivals, cafes, homestays, exhibitions, and consistently sounds throughout Asia Pacific’s burgeoning music and arts scene from Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, and the Canadian’s adopted home of Vietnam for the last half-decade.  

Sacre grew up with a dedication to the experimental nature of music history, and that’s expressed on his online radio channel – Bloom FM on Hanoi Community Radio – where he’s delivered multi-hour curations of psychedelic sounds of jazz, cumbia, house, dembow, and bass into trance, psych – rock, electronic, dub, ambient, punk and metal.

Sacre keeps his sights on building a broader arts & culture scene in his environment through creative outlets such as Bloom & Treehouse Festival, Defused Mood Records, Secret Guests & Look Listen agencies – and co-owning ARCH. Cafe Bar & Gallery for stoking the community of art and music within Hanoi, and the recently re-launched a creative homestay for artists & travelers visiting Hanoi – Bloom-Inn. Sacre’s been selected as a Havana Club Party Makers Asia Pacific winner and has been featured at Hypebeast magazine, Mixmag, and at clubs and festivals: Savage, Studio Adventure, Secret Weekend and has delivered sets alongside Que Sakamoto, Tibasko, Thomas Von Party, Akio Nagase, Radio Slave, Shubostar, Curses, Sebastian Leger, Zed Bias, Bawrut, and more.

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