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ROI is one of the most alert and creative minds in Spain, but also an insatiable producer, if we talk about experimenting with the electronic music from all angles. This is attested to by his Fanzine project, which he co-directs with The Panic Room. And it is that, in this electronic principality, where everything is governed by concepts such as purity, elegance and devotion to music, people like Roi are admired, capable of sacrificing his best years to contribute their grain of sand to the cause, forming professionals.

As a DJ he manages, without losing sight of his tendency to dance and reflection, to combine, depending on the moment, a multitude of genres with coherence and enjoyment, in equal parts, until weaving together a story with a beginning, middle and end. He does not lack notable virtues, but the ones that should be recognized the most are his perseverance in his musical project and empathy with the public on the dance floor. In the same way, as a producer, he manages to give coherence to a wide amalgamation of influences from several decades, this unique work is very personal, and like few others, it is capable of triggering a feeling that is sometimes disconcerting, familiar and welcoming at the same time.

ROI could be defined as a cultural agent, who, beyond bringing a breath of fresh air to the dance floor, tirelessly seeks to renew the musical language with brilliant ideas that make that experience magical, unique, but above all, so much fun. as accessible and enriching.

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