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Rhom Omit

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In the neighbourhoods of Dortmund (Germany), before the world became digital, Rhom Omit started discovering different kinds of electronic music and found his passion for variations of House, Techno and their sub-genres.

Shortly after Rhom Omit got noticed and was invited to perform at local clubs in Dortmund and Bochum and most notably, at one of Germany’s biggest electronic music festivals, the Nature One.

In 2015, Rhom Omit moved to Beijing and established himself as a well-known DJ in China and Mongolia. He has performed in China’s most respected Techno and House venues including Lantern, Zhao Dai, Wigwam, TAG, Gōng and at the INTRO Electronic Music festival.

In 2016, Rhom Omit started his BLACKOUT project, a platform for creative experiments in Techno, Minimal, Acid, Deep House and everything in between. Eduardo De La Calle, Wrong Assessment, Tadeo, Cesare vs. Disorder, Marcus L, Johannes Volk, Exos and other international artists were invited to form legendary BLACKOUT nights in Beijing.

Over the past years, Rhom Omit has defined his own style and shaped it into a distinct blend of Minimal, House and Dub Techno. His particular sound is present throughout his DJ sets and his own productions.

Since he left China in 2020, he has fully dedicated himself to music production. Most notable, he made his debut on Serialism Records with his first release and published a remix for San Bolsa Music.

Besides, Rhom Omit continues running his China-originated Blackout parties, with the same spirit, though under FILMRISS, whenever he is in Europe.

Early this year, Rhom Omit joined Serialism Records and supports the label since.

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