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For more than 20 years, Reji has played a key role in the development of Mumbai’s DJ culture & alternative/electronic music tapestry. Off the decks, he has been an accomplished music educator, a renowned industry expert & is one of the most exciting party curators in India. On the decks, he is famous for spinning his signature brand of eclectic party music – boundless by genres, tempos & eras – which he simply calls GDM i.e. Good Dance Music. Since 1998, Reji’s never-ending pursuit for timeless presentation, inimitable style, musical wisdom and technical flair has entertained & inspired generations of music aficionados – on both sides of the DJ console – in Mumbai city.

Reji is famous for his signature brand of eclectic party music. A rarity amongst his peers, he is well known for blending within a wider spectrum of music – without being bound by genre, tempo & era.

In December 2008, Time Out magazine mentioned him as “one of Mumbai’s most influential DJs” in its cover story. Reji’s well-known DJ residencies at bars like Zenzi Mills & Bonobo – have defined the signature sound of these legendary Mumbai venues.

His consistency in delivering quality music has also earned him bookings at the best Indian clubs & major Indian music festivals (like Sunburn, Supersonic & NH7) since their early years. His timeless presentation, inimitable style, deep music knowledge & technical flair have got him numerous bookings within India’s niche music, nightlife, art & fashion circles.

From b-boys, rockers, hipsters, 4/4 kick drum lovers & bass heads, to musicians, journalists & critics – Reji has always aimed to please a wider demographic amongst non-commercial & alternative music lovers. He firmly believes in playing music with a longer shelf life – minus the short term/crass appeal that Top 40 charts force feed the masses.

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