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Born in 1986 in the multi-cultural city of Marseille, Raphaël grew up with an interest in both nature and sport, as well as music and art.

Having had the opportunity to travel with his great uncle Maurice Béjart, a legendary choreographer, Raphaël formed a fascination for the power of music and how it fuels movement and expression. “As a kid, I was awestruck by the coordination of dancers and the way they moved to the beat. I wanted to be a part of that, to make people dance,” Raphaël recalls. This fascination led Raphaël to explore his love for music and its limitless potential. Despite initially seeing it as a hobby, he spent hours in record shops and researching electronic music. His love for nature and surfing culture took him to Australia and Bali, where he eventually decided to put down roots. As an environmentalist, Raphaël felt a strong connection to nature and a responsibility to protect it. He integrated this into all aspects of his life.

“Music is not just a hobby for me, it’s a way of life. I’m an environmentalist at heart, and it informs everything I do”

With his diverse background, Raphaël approached music with a unique angle, combining his interests and experiences to create a signature sound of Techno and Minimal. It wasn’t long before he was performing at clubs across Asia and Australia, including residencies at Bali’s “Koh” and “Jenja”, two of the most respected nightspots for genuine underground sounds. Raphaël has also shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry, warming up and closing for most of his musical Heroes. His production work has also been recognized, with releases on Aathee Records, Kindisch, Sweatbox Records, Conceptual Records, Love International, and Flow Records.

As a member of the “Desoner” collective at Mejan Club, Raphaël has become a leader in the Bali Minimal scene, pushing the boundaries of underground culture. His skills behind the decks have also landed him residencies at The Vault, where he sets the tone for the night with his subtle minimal grooves. Raphaël’s success has taken him on a journey, playing at clubs and festivals across the world, from Jakarta and Bangkok to Sydney and Paris. He has also headlined events, such as Morocco Loko in Marrakech, alongside Amine K, Agent of Time, and Jimi Jules, in front of a crowd of thousands. So get ready to be taken on a journey through minimal sounds!

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