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Que Sakamoto

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Que Sakamoto is a musician and producer From Tokyo, Japan. He is known for his eclectic blend of diverse electronic music styles, as well as his use of vintage equipment and instruments in his productions. His DJ sets are always a surprise, because he caters his performances for the crowd in each country he visits. He never repeats the same vibe, always tending towards weird, interesting music, as this is how he expresses his Japanese identity. In one go, he can take the crowd from disco to garage to dub, even to trance and experimental breakbeat.

For his current and future projects, Que Sakamoto is shifting his focus towards his Japanese roots. His passion is Japanese music from the 70’s to 90’s, and playing this music to a new generation, especially in Japan, to help connect people to their roots. This new direction reflects Que Sakamoto’s deep appreciation for his cultural heritage and his desire to showcase the rich musical traditions of Japan to a global audience.

Que Sakamoto’s most famous track is “Minimüzikhol”, a collaboration with NT, which was released in 2019 and features a mashup of Japanese and Turkish electronic music. The track was widely played in clubs and radio shows around the world and helped to establish Que Sakamoto as a rising talent in the dance music scene.

He is also a prolific radio DJ, having published mixes through Red Light Radio, The Lot Radio, Beats In Space, Rinse FM, and NTS Radio, as well as hosting his own show on Tibilisi’s Mutant Radio, 思考と発想 “Thoughts and Ideas”. In addition to his solo work, Que Sakamoto has collaborated with other artists and DJs, including John Talabot, Gaye Su Akyol and Hoodoo Fushimi. Que Sakamoto has also partnered with Japanese pioneer NT (Noriyuki Takagi), whose expertise in sound engineering is helping him create a truly authentic and innovative sound.

In 2022, Que Sakamoto’s music took him on a tour of 22 countries, including Latin South America, Europe, USA, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, where he wowed audiences with his infectious beats and high-energy performances, playing at festivals and venues, such as Panorama Bar (Berlin), Mamba Negra (São Paulo), Fuji Rock Festival (Japan) and Sub Sonic Festival (Australia) Garbicz Festival (Poland) Artlab (Buenos Aires). Que Sakamoto is poised to make an even bigger impact on the music scene in the years to come.

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