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OPTIKZ is a underground electronic music DJ and Producer originally from Bangkok.

Growing-up on metal and Punk roots in East Village Nyc. Optikz was first exposed to electronic music in the mid 2000’s. Inspired by acid-infused 90’s House & techno, he started his DJ career in NYC vibrant basement club scene.

His first big DJ gig was back in 1995, in RCA Bangkok. Still no the thing call CDJ in the time. Most of the job he spining with 2 decks of casset tape player with one mixer that would you for to job back then.

Since then Optikz has performed more than 3,000 gigs or more in the past 24 years of experience on the DJ carrie around New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Veitnam, Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai and many other cities & countries.

Also international electronic music festivals such as Epizode3 / Wonderfruit / Mystic Valley 2020 / Re-Awakening lll / Ultra Singapore.

Optikz relocated to Bangkok in 2007 and swiftly became established in its rapidly growing underground scene, becoming a familiar face amongst its highly talented local & international artists. Currently a very active member of this scene, it has helped him a lot in improving both his DJing & Production knowledge through collaborating with other artists.

He was well known in the club scene duing 2007 till now in Bangkok. Becoming a DJ was just the beginning for first chapter of his life. He is now looking to producing the great track to be well know in the underground market.

He feels the most comfortable expressing himself and his skills through Techno. He aims to have a releases in the near future, while at the same time practicing daily to improve his overall sound.

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