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Born and bred amidst the rhythmic pulse of Istanbul and the urban symphony of New York City, Omer Bil, also known as O.BEE, has woven a melodic tapestry that echoes the soul of both locales. A maestro of genre-defying exploration, O.BEE dances effortlessly between the known and the uncharted, crafting sonic realms that beckon the listener into a realm of familiarity tinged with mystery. His sonic signature, a fusion of cosmic optimism and rebellion, liberates the dance floor from the accustomed rules and steps away from functional expectations. Instead he cultivates musical trips for both the dancer and the listener, communicating with the north and south of the body, fueled with intellectual and sensual energy.

During his formative years in New York City, O.BEE embarked on a multifaceted journey, characterized by both scholarly pursuits and immersive experiences on the dance floor. His academic path led him to study Contemporary Music at the prestigious New School in Manhattan, where he found himself among the finest jazz talents of his generation. Simultaneously, he delved into the vibrant nightlife scene as a resident DJ and avid participant at the renowned New York party series, ReSolute, where he honed his craft and deepened his connection to the dynamic energy within the city’s underground culture.

In 2020 he launched Jigit, a collective and record label alongside Tomas Station and Asli Tunaman, serving as a platform for their creative output, encompassing original productions and selections from their inner circle. This multifaceted venture, comprising a record label, event series, and lifestyle brand, has garnered a devoted global following, thanks to its distinct artistic ethos. O.BEE’s musical odyssey has garnered acclaim on a global scale, as he embarks on a journey that spans continents and transcends boundaries.

From the storied decks of Club Der Visionaere to the hallowed halls of Fabric, he shares stages with luminaries such as Ricardo Villalobos, Zip, and Margaret Dygas, his sonic explorations pushing the boundaries of perception. At the nexus of Ibiza’s nightlife, he and Tomas Station command the decks of DC-10 for Circoloco Mondays, while in Brooklyn’s H0l0, O.BEE has established an “All Night Long” series where he can cast his spell to listeners in mind bending open to close sets that have run up to 16 hours.

Also present on the larger stages of dance music, recent years have seen him perform in trendsetting festivals such as Houghton, Waking Life, Kappa Futur, Sunwaves and more. Beyond the confines of the club, O.BEE collaborates with fashion titans such as Moncler, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Hugo Boss in their musical direction while presenting new collections. Alongside Tomas Station, they also have a regular radio show in NYC’s Lot Radio. Ever the seeker of sonic truth, O.BEE remains committed to the relentless pursuit of artistic evolution, drawing inspiration from the symphony of life itself to create music that resonates deep within the soul to heal and be healed.

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