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Mindaniel (previously Min.D) is a Vietnamese-born artist & DJ with a deep passion for representing Vietnam to the world. Earning a Master’s degree in Event Design & Management in London, UK, Mindaniel has spent over 6 years studying and working crossing Europe and Asia continents, which altogether cultivate his diverse and multicultural tracks collection. With the ability to mix highly diverse music over an extended set within three main genres: Techno, House and Melodic, he can take you to a colourful and euphoric eden, but he is also the one who can sink you down to the depths of the dark tunnels.

Having performed internationally and together on stages with industry elites such as Konstantin Sibold (Afterlife, Germany), Soel (Afterlife, US), Anii (Afterlife, Poland), Exos (Iceland), Minitech Project (UK), Mindaniel is also praised by local and regional talents such as Levi Oi (Vietnam), Didi Han (Korea), Dustee (Vietnam), Amand Anand (Singapore), Kuma (Malaysia). Having a clear intention of producing his own tracks and label, his performance will also be evolved into something visionary and meaningful. Mindaniel’s passion has also driven a calling into wider fields of fashion and well-being, expanding what it means for him to be a contemporary innovator. The journey of this potential talent is only about to start.

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