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KyzerSan is a resident selector for UMT, The Ozone Beach Club, LocoRoom, and Sundays Collective. Discovering music during the Warp Records bleep techno era whilst holding shows on Sheffield’s SCR pirate radio his early influences were the industrial cityscape and local music pioneers such as Forgemasters, Winston Hazel, Chris Duckenfield, Lo Shea, and more. Since then he has worked at music and audio studios in London, recording, producing or mastering for TV, Film and Record Labels. KyzerSan performed with and supported high-profile artists in the UK, Europe and Internationally and when UK-based can be found at Hope Works, the award-winning venue in Sheffield. He has also worked as part of their production team for the acclaimed No Bounds Festival.

From 2108 he started working with Thai artist TJ Tiesjungle and his ‘LocoRoom’ parties. In 2021 he co-founded to create a new platform for the underground music artists in Thailand. Helped set up and hold a residency for Sundays at Phangan Cove before returning to Koh Lanta in 2022 to manage the re-opening of The Ozone Beach Club and their events. Having played at clubs & festivals in the UK, Ibiza, Romania, China, Hong Kong, Bali, Goa, Gili Air, Corfu, and now based in Thailand. KyzerSan delivers sets influenced by a blend of deep, dubby house and deep tech, house and fusing these sounds with flavours of minimal progressive grooves.

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