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Kelle Calco

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Without settling into any one corner, Kelle Calco’s otherworldly croon & abstract song craft echoes through a sculpture garden of ambient & dub textures stretched over hushed rhythms reminiscent of classic 90’s idm & electronica, and coated with an ever present cottony tuft of noise & dreamy shoegazer overtones.

After spending the past decade and a half outwardly focused on curating & DJing in New York’s most renowned clubs & boutique hotels, while also serving as frontman in his former rock & roll band, Kelle seized the opportunity during lockdown to redirect the voyage introspectively for a more cerebral sonic exploration and highly personal endeavor purely his own. To soundtrack his sabbatical from the dance floor, he launched an on-going mix series entitled ‘Timeaway’ which was recently picked up by Bristol’s 1020 Radio for a radio residency and features his own artworks that, like the musical selection, marries raw slices of minimalism and a preoccupation with deconstructed textures.

Leaving behind a legacy of nightly party rocking & debauchery in gotham city, Kelle recently relocated to Asia to fully embody the beginnings of a new chapter and find a pace that lends itself to further experimentation & authenticity in his personal work.

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