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Photographer/Designer and trained violinist at his young age, he’s been delivering some awesome vibes as a DJ around Europe and Asia, especially known for his Organic/Tribal/Psychedelic sets crossing the borders between genres and sous-genres, always in seek for new sounds, from Slow Tempo to more Upbeat, through Acid to House / Deep house, Techno / Disco / and everything in between. Big fusion of natural sounds mixed with electronic music. Daytime/Nighttime DJ, he’s been travelling through different types of sounds, and for him music is emotion, and every feeling is interesting to go through, his vision is to cross the borders between the genres. He shared stage on parties and International festivals with incredible artists such as Peter Power, El Bùho, Martha Van Straaten, Spaniol, O/Y, Photay, Ground, Mamas, Reple, Gerra G, Jacob Groening, Jaja, Mimi Love, M.RUX, Yeahman, Âme, Viken Arman, Garstique, Knobs, Blond:ish, Recondite, Denis Horvat, Rampue, Heimlich Knüller, Zigan Aldi, Ditti, Shimon, Psycho Tropiques, Kurup, EXZ, Da Iguana, H2o and many other amazing beings.

Early 2018, he’s been co-creating KanoPi, which is an eco-event based organisation meant to share quality underground music, along with positive and conscious community vibes. He joins a few Record labels/collectives in the past few years such as Curuba Records, Jux, Ethno Kult, Mazukamba, Le Bateau Louche… You could have crossed paths with him in many places around Europe or South East Asia, with the Label Curuba Records, Tangerine, Casa Nocte, Mazukamba, La Horde, Jux or at festivals such as Wonderfruit or Traintime in Asia, Chateau Perché, Atom, La Joséstanie, Bonanza around Europe…

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