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It was in 2018 when Fin first thought about mixing music. Always a lover of eclectic sounds, it was living in Shanghai when he first experienced the draw of a record store – yet still, despite being a regular on the dancefloor, electronic music, specifically, was not on his mind. This initial interaction, deep dives into Jazz and Hip Hop, trying to see if they work together, this laid the foundation for Fin’s blended electronic affair. Soon after moving to Cambodia and launching Egg Baguette, a Techno orientated night in Siem Reap the move to Phnom Penh was made.

Still formulating a sound, Fin played around the city before becoming the resident at Rukkha, where a deep disco infused sound was developed. Following this, a quick return to England with a few parties and extended sets in Leeds, Fin began to delve more into the electronic side of things, discovering the realm of minimal music, whilst also starting his own production journey. This led to Fin co-founding Just Fish Wax, a minimal label with aquatic tendencies. Now back in Asia, based in Phnom Penh, Fin’s expression encapsulates all the music he has heard, a vigorous digger always working out ways to incorporate new sounds and mold the story he is telling.

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