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James Andrew

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James Andrew, originally from Bristol and now residing in London, has been making music for 13 years and collecting records for around 10. His passion for music was ignited through immersing himself in the Bristol music scene from a young age.

In 2020 he founded Nothing But Nice records with his good friend and collaborator Charley, where he released a 4 track EP from himself titled Thinking Backwards. This EP set the scene for his quirky and genre-spanning music productions. Since then James has released his third EP on Nothing But Nice, as well as EP’s on Voigtmanns Subsequent and Gene On Earths Limousine Dream.

Over the past couple of years he’s had the opportunity to play a variety of dj sets around the world including the Limousine Dream Birthday parties in both Berlin and London, as well just recently returning from a tour of Australia and Indonesia.

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