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Having grown up being exposed to a vast variety of music genres, Daughter to legendary composer and pianist Rahim Hamzah, Dora is nothing short of a music fan appreciating anything from classic music to modern dance music.

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Dora started performing and playing at a young age with a manifold of music instruments. Besides her passion for performing, she discovered her passion for being a disk jockey performing in Kuala Lumpur’s multifaceted nightlife compiling a variety of styles and tunes in Dance Music ambiance Groovy, Deep House, Tech House as well as Techno. She was mentored by some of Malaysia’s pioneer DJs/producers Ray Soo & XesXes LoveSeat. She has become a renowned disk jockey in the scene and has adapted a very unique vibe and sound inspired by other DJs in various genres such of club and dance music utilizing different styles of scratching and mixing.

She was invited to be a guest DJ at various major events in Kuala Lumpur regularly, playing at venues such as HedKandi in St Regis Malaysia in 2017, Opening act for Nora En Pure in Terrace Bar, Elysium, Bakita, Frangipani, Red Room, Pisco ,Aloft, Sweatbox and many more. Dora has warmed up the crowds for practically every pioneer DJ in Malaysia and there are more events to come in which she will be creating the perfect atmosphere with her night grooves for people from all over the world to enjoy.

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