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Don Stone

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From the very inception of Upstate NY’s EDM scene, Don Stone has been a driving force behind the electrifying beats that have kept dancefloors pulsating throughout the Captial District and beyond.

His love for Djing started as a healthy love for raving in the late 90s. Amazed at how DJs controlled the dancefloor, Don took the mantle himself and started DJing in the 2000s. From there, he went on to perform at countless events across the US, found two record labels, and run a music festival and private club.

Today, Don’s DJ journey brought him to SE Asia. Currently based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Don lends his DJ skills and experience to the ears of locals and tourists anxious for a unique night out. 

Never settle down with one genre, you’ll never know what to expect from a Don Stone DJ set. His sets are genre-bending, and you won’t be surprised if you hear obscure disco, dark techno, deep melodic, and drum & bass tracks in one night. 

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