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Diva Li

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Diva Li is an electronic music producer and DJ. she is also an active figure in China’s underground music scene and has been considered as one of the most popular and respected female DJs in China. She was also the first DJ who sings live on her performance in clubs, adding a new way to the
domestic electronic music scene in China. She has her special point of view towards electronic music and dance music, with her music always being full of rich and exquisite emotions, intense and minimalistic melodies as well as her own soulful vocal lines. These characteristics have guaranteed her uniqueness within the country’s techno music scene.

In 2016, she was invited to play at Boiler Room which brought her to a higher influence. In 2018 and 2019 she played at the Great Wall Music Festival with the biggest names in the world techno scene such as Nina Kraviz, Ben Klock, Dixon, Recondite, Carl Craig and Chris Liebing. In 2018 she became the first female DJ to represent China for Cervantes Music Festival touring shows in Mexico. In 2020, together with Ma Haiping and Chace, she was the guest DJ for FEVER LIVE which was watched by 1.37million people online and ranked first in the hourly list of several LIVE broadcasting platforms.

Not only has she gained a lot of poluarity on live DJ, but she is also the outstanding producer of domestic electronic music. Her works contain rich and delicate emotions, tense and melodic techno style, coupled with her deep voice, which makes her several singles published in Ran Groove compilation. And the collaboration with Mickey Zhang “Huanzhen” 7-inch vinyl EP was recognized by the industry. In 2018, she released first EP “Migration” which is a fusion of Minimal, Dub Techno and other styles. In 2020, Ran Music released her 12-inch vinyl album and it was distributed on Kompakt, a famous record store in Cologne, Germany, becoming the first female producer in China to release vinyl album. In 2021, she released a Melodic Techno song ”Reset your mind” and a House dance song “Selfish Desire”. In April 2022, the official music video of Tech House single “Good Memories” was released simultaneously.

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