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Anubhav Sharma has spent years on a certain unwavering vision – to bring his vision of disco to a public. Equally inspired equally by the likes of Lindstrøm on one hand and Sapan Jagmohan on the other, his DJ sets showcase recordings that span eras of disco across different geographies and contexts, while his live production sets focus on his own explorations of the form using synthesizers and analogue equipment. Having grown up in Delhi with a stint in Los Angeles, his return to Delhi has seen him bringing this body of work back to India. His current work sees him exploring new forms in the analog synthesis space – wide open passages highlighted by expanses between chord progressions, but still firmly rooted on the dancefloor. His monthly show on India’s premiere online radio station presents an insight into his unique take on DJ sets; one where his instinct on how to move a crowd meshes with a deep knowledge of hidden gems from unexpected parts of the world.

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