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Cyril Grouvel

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Cyril Grouvel is a DJ from the South of France (Marseille). Initially oriented toward Hip-Hop, he quickly discovered the House and Techno culture of the US and starts to pace his first evenings at the age of 15 years, giving him the desire to devote himself more seriously to music and especially to the mix. Later, he landed his first residence on a small local radio in duet with his friend Alaix Pulse. Following a residency at the Chateau-la-Coste and the meeting of Marc Housson (Second Nature) and Vincent Telandro (Nuance), allowed him to participate in the organization of the NUANCE project and in particular played alongside artists including Jack of Marseille. Then in 2015, he settled in Cambodia and joined the collective “Dwn To Ankr” That’s when he met Strangefruit: Realizing they had the same vision, they collaborated and BeatBoutique was born. Together they created the platform to bring quality Undererground music to Cambodia.

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