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Dubbed as the music encyclopedia and a passionate music collector with a more sophisticated taste. She continually discovers, risks and dishes either playful, mysterious, classic, trailblazing tunes — but always with elegant selections! A big fan of music since childhood. Thanks to her elder brother she came across some “music gems” from electronic musicians such as Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers, Groove Armada and Daft Punk among others that switch her to the vast world of dance music.

She started clubbing and discovered her own style by paying attention to music wherever she was at a young age, then worked her way up to get DJ residencies at Jagger Bar, Neft Lounge, Ojakhuri, LuluRest, Tesla, which are known as venues with a more sophisticated taste in both underground and classic music in Russia. With the thirst and curiosity about the music roots, she started digging more and got hooked on funk, soul and disco music. This addiction led to gathering multiple genres from different parts of the world —A-Z.

Throughout her musical journey, she also dove into turntablism and hip-hop and showcased her skills at the “Pavlovka One Love Festival” and “Shihan Dance Competition (Russia, 2017),” a year later became a finalist of “Planeta DJ Battle. With a global mindset, she decided to move to Vietnam (2019) and instantly gained a following and respect of the local music community with her trademark – full-of-soul, groovy bassline sets in different spots such as The Flow Boat Parties, The Library, as well as underground clubs such as Broma, Wam, The Lighthouse and the legendary “dOSe” parties. One of the most sought after DJs in Vietnam, she is now a resident of outstanding music-centric venues such Clay, The Brix, Cafe des Stagiaires, Xu, Madam Kew and The Laundry, as well as numerous festivals and club nights in Vietnam and around Asia.

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