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Chrysis (Crisys) as she is lovingly known by her family, is the moniker of Christina Nem. Chrysis has had quite a riotous debut starting her career playing some solid sets with the likes of Matrixxman, Nur Jaber, Valesuchi, Yoyaku Records, Roman Fluegel, and Identified Patient.

Originally from North East India, she believes in keeping her music fluid and genre-neutral. Her untameable free spirit yet deep tribal roots find expression in her music – A curious blend of global vibes with unique ethnic, acid undertones, hyper fluid, exciting, evolving as her non-conformist personality. All of this echoes through her sounds which is experimental, uplifting, spacey, galactic and psychedelic with an explosion of flavours ranging from old to futuristic sounds. A fashion stylist & designer in her earlier avatar, her debut set was featured by renowned fashion and street style blogger Facehunter -Yvan Rodic, thus marking her seamless transition from the world of fashion to electronic.

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