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Biliguudei is a DJ who has carved his name into the Mongolian techno and house underground music scene. With a musical style that envelops listeners like the wind sweeping over the steppe, his sets have the power to cleanse anxiety and unleash an irresistible urge to dance.

His journey as a DJ kicked off in 2009 with the formation of the “Kontrol Crew,” a collective born out of his love for electronic music. Since then, he has consistently contributed to both the Mongolian and Chinese electronic dance music scenes, acting as a bridge between these communities and the global stage.

As the co-founder of “The Majesty Mongolia” label, Biliguudei has orchestrated numerous high-profile events that have become milestones in Mongolia’s underground music landscape. This visionary label has introduced over 100 internationally renowned DJs and artists to his hometown’s music enthusiasts. Notable names include Ken Ishii, Electric Rescue, Weng Weng, YouandMe, Martin Eyerer, Stefan Goldmann, Bloody Mary, Leafar Legov and Konstantin.

Biliguudei’s musical selection is as diverse as it is compelling.His performances are known for their dynamic energy and engagement. His musical selections cover a broad spectrum of genres, from dark percussion-driven stellar deep techno that mirrors cosmic experience to deeply alluring blend of melodic-immersive house and breaks. This diversity in his sets allows him to connect with a wide range of audiences, appealing to those who appreciate different styles of electronic music. 

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