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Beat Tekniks

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Beat Tekniks (Serdar Dubus) is originally Turkish. He lived in Istanbul for many years and stayed close to nights and clubs during that time.

He moved to the United States in 2018 and stepped into electronic music in Brooklyn, NY. He accessed a huge music network in his baby steps and had chances to work with numerous talented local artists from various genres.
He started to spin at many gigs from private events to club venues.

He was looking for a change and then decided to relocate to Asia. 2022 started for him in Cambodia; he got resident DJ positions in different cities, worked in some positions and playing with local DJs. Towards the end of the year, he started to promote his own event named as Phnom Penh Private Party. All his effort was to bring more people together with underground music.

He desires to open up to the world more and feed his music with different cultures. He believes that journey will bring variety and more colors for his career.

He loves playing in different genres during his live performances, but his sets usually take shape under Techno. That is why he feels more comfortable, free and energetic when he plays powerful tracks from rave culture. He likes pushing the limits of creativity and finding new mixing styles. The sound comes from underground music selection.

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