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Growing up in the midst of a rave culture, Bardawheel developed a passion for music and was exposed to a wide range of sounds and cultures, which would later shape his unique style and approach to creating music, particularly to psychedelic and techno genres.

He honed his craft through tireless experimentation and eventually made a name for himself in the underground scene when invited to perform at some of the top nightclubs like Yukunkun, Projekt, The Red Room & Club B018 in Beirut which is one of the top 5 clubs in the world.
His music is characterized by a unique blend of minimal with a dash of psychedelics, lurking atmospheres, through a deep immersive experience. He creates sets with a strong focus on storytelling.

Currently based in Vietnam, Bardawheel continues to perform and collaborate with other artists, bringing his signature sound to new audiences. He has played at various clubs & festivals all over the country, including the Warehouse club, Arcan, Birdcage, Sala Club Underground, Secret Weekend, & Vibe Nation, where he has left crowds entranced with his captivating performances.

In addition to his music career, he founded NCTRNL , a platform for like-minded artists to come together and explore new sounds and ideas, The Ritual, which is an outdoor event focusing on organic music, Performances, Market, Entertainment & Workshops

Finally, he is a label DJ for ‘Occulta Records’, one of the biggest psytrance labels in India.

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