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Anushka began playing shows in 2015 taking inspiration from her middle eastern upbringing and love for Hip Hop music. Over the years her sound has evolved into breaks and seeps into genres like Electro, breakbeat, Leftfield House and Techno.

Her DJ sets layer bass-heavy edgy breaks ultimately ensconced in a darker, moody veneer. She effortlessly embraces avariety of styles in her sets and has become an icon of edginess, that is fresh, authentic, and driven by dance. Anushka’s most significant motive as a DJ is to make sure that the audience has a good time.

Her sets are known to be audience-centric and have an aspect of fluidity in genres from beginning to finish.

Dabbling in production over the years Anushka released her first single (co produced by Sid Vashi) in 2019 called Falling which has mesmerizing vocals by Anushka, aided with a dreamy sound structure; the track is a magical take on rebirth and resurrection of oneself complimented with a music video aired on VH1 India. Fast forward to the present she has three more singles out in the world, ‘Karma’ which features on the ‘Ganga Jamuna – Flavours of the East EP via Krunk Kulture, ‘Take & Hide.’

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